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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered

How can I join in?

Either send your entry submission as an attachment via email, or Discord to join in as a participant.

What do I need to include?

Your entry submission must include:

  • Your champion's name


  • Their weapon(s)

  • Reference art of your champion and their weapon(s)

This is just so other participants will be able to draw or describe your character; any reference image will do, no matter the skill; please provide a link or credit if you use an image you did not make yourself

  • What powers or skills they have

  • How they joined the tournament

If your medium of choice is comics, then please draw a comic, and likewise for all other mediums (you may switch mediums at any time)

Sidekicks are allowed, but not necessary

When are the deadlines?

The deadlines for each round's submissions are at the end of the month, and voting takes place at the start of the next month (deadline for voting will be on the 7th of each month).

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