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How it works

Ultra Inkarnage is an original character tournament (OCT) where you create an original character (OC) and have them compete against other creator's OCs. If you submitted OC is accepted, then they will be placed in a tournament bracket. At the start of each month, a prompt containing additional details for that round will be published on this website, and you must write, draw, animate, or otherwise create a scenario showing how your OC defeats the opponent you have been put up against for that round by the tournament bracket. If you win, your entry will be considered the true event of what occured, and your OC will progress onto the next round.

How to win

After the submission deadline, there will be a voting period where anyone can view the work of all creatives and vote on which one they prefer. The entry with the most votes wins the round. In-universe, your OC can win by defeating their opponent in a fight via force, subterfuge, wit, compassion, or any other reasonable method. It is also common for the round to have a secondary objective that can be completed to achieve victory another way, such as acquiring a certain item, reaching a specific location, or remaining hidden from a third party.

What your OC needs

In order to take part, you must submit a character sheet that the other creatives will use for reference. How you choose to format this sheet it up to you, however it must include these details for your OC:

  • Name

  • Abilities

(Supernatural or otherwise)

  • Weapon(s)

  • Image

(This is to give artists and other creatives a more visual idea of how your OC looks. You will not be penalised for the quality of your art if you do not intend to use art as your medium of choice. You may use art from someone else if you have their permission, credit the artist, and do not intend to use art as your medium of choice)

  • How they joined

(This is to show how you write/draw/animate your OC, and will give other creatives a better idea as to how your OC acts. This entry section can be done in whatever medium you prefer, however it is strongly recommended that you use the medium you intend to use for the rest of your entries)

  • Your name

(You may use whatever name you prefer to be credited by)

You may also include:

  • A sidekick

(An OC may only have 1 sidekick, and said sidekick must either be non-combat-oriented, or used as a tool for combat, such as a talking sword, magical familiar, etc.)

  • Backstory

  • Links to your social media

(You may also provide contact details for other ways to contact you)


  • Submissions must be in by the end of the month. You may make adjustments up until that point, even if you have already submitted something.

  • Voting takes place from the 1st to the 7th of every month.

  • Prompts will be given on the 7th of every month, when the voting period ends.

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