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Inkarnage is a multi-media original character tournament (OCT). The powerful and eccentric host, Ora Dealer, captures, invites, or otherwise acquires participants (characters) from across universes to take part in a 1-v-1 elimination tournament where the winner receives a ground-breaking prize. Participants (creators) are invited to use any medium they prefer, be it prose, comics, animation, or something else, to depict their character defeating their opponent for the round, whereupon the winner is decided by popular vote at the end the month.

The goal of Inkarnage is to bring creatives together on a large-scale project and provide an entertaining opportunity to make stories.

S2 - Raise! Your! Sails!
The Champions

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Want to take part in Inkarnage? Join the Discord server to vote, chat with other participants, or just have a place to hang out with other creative individuals.



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